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08 Jun 2010

Had another great day at RailsConf 2010! Here is a summary of my Twitter activity.

  • Having some breakfast at #railsconf before the opening keynotes and a packed day of sessions - 08:23 AM

  • We all ran in for the opening keynote at #railsconf, lots of energy in the room - 08:58 AM

  • Great keynote from @dhh, rails 3 is excititng in a ton of ways. #railsconf - 09:53 AM

  • Really great keynote from @mfeathers at #railsconf. Important things for software dev teams to consider - 10:16 AM

  • Lots of important thoughts from keynotes. Use your source control history to determine where to test and improve. #railsconf - 10:18 AM

  • Glenn Vanderburg did a great job on Real Software Engineering. Great start to the sessions here at #railsconf - 11:40 AM

  • Really great talk on rails to release by @paulca at #railsconf. Keep those cukes green! - 12:32 PM

  • Great talk on OAuth 2.0 by @mbleigh at #railsconf. Great to see user’s credentials staying safe while giving data the ability to move. - 02:39 PM

  • Lots of interesting things with Bundler. Very valuable, just need to figure out some of the stranger edge cases people have #railsconf - 03:24 PM

  • Nice discussion from @infoether on rails in the enterprise. #railsconf - 05:59 PM

  • Rails 3.0b4 and Bundler 1.0b1 are out! #railsconf - 07:11 PM

  • Ruby makes easy things trivial, hard things easy, and the impossible possible #railsconf @wycats - 07:13 PM

  • Even @wycats started using junky tools and didn’t know what he was doing. There is hope for everyone #railsconf - 07:16 PM

  • Absolutely amazing keynote by @wycats! If you weren’t inspired, you were sleeping. #railsconf - 07:38 PM

  • Ruby Hero Awards. They were great, some amazing contributions from great people. Very well deserved rounds of applause. #railsconf - 07:50 PM