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09 Jun 2010

Another amazing day at RailsConf 2010! There were a ton of great talks and it was very difficult to pick which to attend. Here is a summary of my Twitter activity for the day.

  • Excited for another day of #railsconf! Lots of cool looking talks on the schedule today, almost time for the day’s keynotes. - 08:46 AM

  • Awesome opening keynotes today. Constrained creativity and code as art, and a little standup comedy. #railsconf - 10:05 AM

  • Really great presentation about some cool ruby/rails tips and tricks from @tenderlove at #railsconf. Rails has great ingredients! - 11:26 AM

  • Really great info about @github from @defunkt at #railsconf. Lots of great stuff from Redis and Resque. Background processing rocks! - 12:27 PM

  • Feeling very motivated to try background processing with Resque and Redis after @defunkt’s talk at #railsconf - 12:35 PM

  • Really great conversation with @infoether about deploying and maintaining non-cloud rails infrastructure #railsconf - 02:19 PM

  • Really cool testing ideas and concepts for extremely large projects from @josephwilk at his talk on rocket fueled cucumbers #railsconf - 03:32 PM

  • Good cake at #railsconf afternoon break, and diet coke! much better than diet pepsi - 04:06 PM

  • Got the rundown on http://workbeast.com/ at the sponsor expo during our afternoon break at #railsconf. Neat idea. - 04:17 PM

  • RT @dcian: Watching redis + resque demo on @heroku Soon there won’t be any services you can’t get sudo make me a sandwich is next #railsconf - 04:21 PM

  • Interesting points @jnewland’s talk on monitoring applications. Poll the room, bad job of monitoring all aspects of our apps #railsconf - 04:37 PM

  • Some really cool ideas that everyone could implement something from today at @jnewland’s talk on monitoring production apps at #railsconf - 04:53 PM

  • Another amazing day at #railsconf. So much good content, so many great devs, great projects, great community. #rails is made of #win - 05:05 PM